1. Far Away Home #2

  2. The bats live in the trees next to an old hospital in Accra. Local lore has it that long ago, a nearby village Chief had befriended and kept them from the time that he was just a boy.  Many, many years later when he became elderly and ill, he was sent to the old hospital and after a short time, passed away.  His bats have held vigil here in these trees ever since, waiting for their Chief to return.

  3. Volta River, Ada Foah

  4. Esther | Efefah

  6. Kasseh Primary School in the Ada region of Ghana

    Students watching a demonstration of a newly installed internet-based learning platform wherein teachers in a TV studio in Accra are video-projected live onto a screen in their classroom for lessons. This program will be implemented in 70+ schools around the country. Webcams are also installed in each of the enrolled classrooms so that the children can actively participate and interact with the teacher and their peers nationwide. More on this very good thing soon…

  7. Far Away Home #1 - Hotel in Kasseh, Ada Region

  8. the happiest record I’ve ever heard.

  9. Labadi Beach